In the Fall of 2017, students were charged with the redesign of Emancipation Park in Charlottesville, following the disturbing events of the previous summer. In addition to the Park redesign, they were required to add a small program that would serve to record, archive and listen to local stories about the history of Charlottesville. In addition, they were asked to create communicative spaces in their park design and were encouraged to use sound recordings to prompt communicative interactions in the public realm. Their designs were exhibited at City Space in Charlottesville in February of 2018.

In preparation for this design agenda, students learned to discover the public realm through the art of listening. The studio began at the Academical Village where students recorded numerous sounds they discovered in this world heritage site. After completing the recording and editing process, they each selected a sound clip of less than 10 seconds, to draw. Using that drawing as a starting point they created a 3D digital volume of the drawing, which they then animated in coordination with the sound recording.  Each of these animations represents a different sound from various locations on The Lawn.

Chris Proffitt animation

1. Chris Proffitt

Hao Wang animation

2. Hao Wang

James Atkins animation

3. James Atkins

Katie Bigler animation

4. Katie Bigler

Mert Kansu animation

5. Mert Kansu

Sam Johnson animation

6. Sam Johnson

Sarah animation

7. Sarah Schaffer

Suppes animation

8. Kelly Suppes

Sydney Sasser animation

9. Sydney Sasser

Valerie Rottnick animation

10. Valerie Rottnick

Weiran Jing animation

11. Weiran Jing

Yaqi Zhang animation

12. Yaqi Zhang